Healthy relationships are important to living a healthy life.


Relationships are an important part of our lives. All relationships with parents, siblings, friends, and significant others should be healthy relationships that help build self-esteem and improve our mental and emotional health. Not all relationships are going to be perfect. Learning to recognize unhealthy relationships should start early. If you or a friend is in an unhealthy relationship, please access the resources in this section to get help.

What can I do?

If a friend or family member is in an unhealthy relationship or suffering from abuse, don’t be afraid to reach out and help them. They may have a different point of view about the relationship and may even feel responsible for an unhealthy relationship or abuse. Tell them that you are concerned and are there to help them. Make sure you remain supportive and listen to their feelings, while continuing to support them. If they feel unsafe, develop a safety plan with them. Connect them with resources in the community or direct them to this website for more information.