Sometimes it is better for parents not to be married, even when they care for each other.


Today, about half of marriages end in divorce. Dealing with your parents’ divorce can be hard, but it’s important to remind yourself that many people live happily through the changes of divorce.

What can I do?

No matter how old you are, when your parents divorce it can affect you. Parents divorce for many reasons, but their divorce is not your fault. Divorce may come with some adjustments, such as moving or separating your time between parents.

Not all changes are bad, but adjusting can take time. Remember to give it time. You can seek support in others such as a trusted adult, family members, and friends. If you feel that you are having a hard time coping with the divorce it is okay to seek out counseling. You may feel more support by talking to a therapist as they can likely help you through the divorce.

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Sometimes, parents will meet someone new and marry again. It can be hard to get used to having a new adult in the house. If you are feeling uncomfortable about accepting a new parent into your family, talk to a counselor or family member for advice.

Single Parents

Living with one parent instead of two can be tough. Your parent has to do the work of two people and this may be hard on you, especially during the summer when you are home and they are at work. To spend more time together, help around the house or plan weekly movie or game nights.