Everyone experiences stress. If you don't have a way to process and work through it, stress can be damaging to your health.


What is stress?

Stress is an overwhelming feeling caused by emotionally demanding situations like a break up, death, or just being plain busy. Before you pull your hair out, you should understand what is causing your stress and identify how to cope.

Warning signs that you may be dealing with overwhelming stress:

  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Feeling of pressure, moodiness, or irritability
  • Problems sleeping
  • Depression or sadness

What can I do to cope with stress?

Learn to relax: Read a good book, spend time with your dog, and take a relaxing bath.

Eat a healthy diet and cut back on sugar and processed foods, like fast-food.

Get plenty of sleep: aim for 9 hours each night.

Exercise: Run, swim, team sports.

Do things that make you happy, like listening to music or going to the movies.