Safe Sex

If you are having sex, it is extremely important that you and your partner are being safe.


What is safe sex?

Having sex is a personal choice and not everyone chooses to do it, but if you do decide to have sex it is important to know how to properly protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. Practicing safe sex means that you and your partner are protecting yourselves from the possible effects of sex, like STIs or unwanted pregnancies.

How can I practice safe sex?

  • Always use condoms and use them correctly during sex to protect against the transfer of STIs.
  • Use birth control pills or other contraceptives to minimize your risk of getting pregnant.
  • Get screened for STIs and tested for HIV before each new partner.
  • Make sure your partners have been tested for STIs since their last partner.
  • Limit the number of sexual partners.
  • Be in a monogamous relationship.

What can I do?

Talk about safe sex with your partner. Your partner may come up with some clever excuses like, “I don’t want to use a condom,” or “I’m sure I don’t have any STIs,” but you should never give in to them.

Many people don’t show symptoms of STIs and may not know they even have them. It’s important for you and your partner to be tested for STIs before engaging in sex, and to undergo sexual health screenings regularly.

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